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We Are Like You project is periodically submitted to various private sponsors and public aid schemes, in order to obtain the funds needed to carry it out.


Meanwhile, we are making progress with the generous donations made by individuals.


You can also support the project as a sponsor, with a monthly donation.


With it, you will help us to provide proper care to women with mental illness and to give them chances for rejoining their communities, leaving back the stygma they suffer now.

Due to PayPal not allowing direct donations to Liberia, these are collected and managed by Aita Menni Hospital (“Father Menni” in Basque language) in Arrasate / Mondragon, Spain, twin center with St. Benedict Menni Health Center in Monrovia. From 2012, Aita Menni Hospital, a well-known specialty center in the fields of psychiatry, intelectual disability and brain damage, provides assistance in these fields, professional tuition and permanent support, as well as funds, to help its Liberian sisters develop this project with women with mental illness.

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