Empowerment & Mentoring Business Development Program

At the Mental Health Unit of the Saint Benedict Menni Health Center we try not only to attend to women suffering from mental illness, but also to carry out a follow-up process to prevent relapses and ensure their reinsertion into the social community to which they belong and their total rehabilitation.

With this in mind, we have launched an empowerment initiative for users through counseling to start up small businesses and financial assistance through microcredits.


How did this program start??

Benedict Menni Mental Health Center combines drug treatment with rehabilitation activities that allow social reintegration.

Patients continue outpatient treatment once a month.

It is detected that patients who do not get financial resources do not attend follow-up consultations and their chances of relapse increase.


Gráfico de programas para evitar recaídas



It is detected that rehabilitation activities are not enough to develop the necessary skills to start a new business and then generate independence and economic autonomy of patients.

Mentoring Business Development Program aims to be another step in the socio-economic integration of people with mental illness.


The program comprises:


  1. Definition of the personal objectives
    • Discharge status detection.
    • Analysis of personal capacities.
    • Possibilities of the family environment.
    • Affinity and preferences of the person to develop a business activity.
    1. Workshops
      • Talks with ex-patients.
      • Health education.
      • Basic economy.
      • Technical know-how.
    1. Establish an individualized action plan
      • Define new business needs.
      • Define the necessary budget.
    1. Monitoring