Concierto del Coro Easo en la Catedral de Santa María de Vitoria

15 Oct Charity concert of Easo Chorus at Saint Mary´s Cathedral in Vitoria

Saint Mary´s Cathedral in Vitoria was, in October 1st, the first temple to held the charity concerts organized by We Are Like You this Autumn in the three capitals of the Basque Country. Men´s Easo Chorus, from San Sebastian, offered a concert which comprised 18 songs from well-known Basque composers, as Guridi, Sorozabal, Salaberri o Father Donostia, leaded by director Gorka Miranda and with Ana Belén García at the piano. The event was made possible by the Diocese of Vitoria, which offered the use of the Cathedral, and collaboration of El Correo newspaper, which spread the word. We want to show our gratitude to all of them, and also to all the people attending, who contributed with the full amount of their entrance and with their donations at the concert to support our project in Monrovia (Liberia). The total amount collected was € 2,565. Thank you!   [   ...

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Sewing session.

07 Oct Learning to sew with the machines

Our sewing and crafts sessions continue as patients are taking through ways of learning how to sew with the machines given to us by The Carter Center. It has not been quite easy but there have been some improvements. Mondays and Fridays are scheduled for sewing sessions. Our women have the opportunity to sew their own clothes and repair ones that have gone bad....

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The pink ribbon, symbol of the fight against breast cancer.

06 Oct October, Breast Cancer Awareness month

World Health Organization established October as Breast Cancer Awareness month, an annual campaign to increase awareness of the disease and raise support for the awareness, early detection and treatment as well as palliative care of this disease. St. Benedict Menni Health Centre, in collaboration with the Step Down Mental Rehabilitation Unit, is launching its maiden awareness program for clients of both facilities. This is to help create awareness of both facilities through breast examination and health education. We are inviting all clients for a free screening scheduled on the 31st of October, 2019 at the premises of the Step Down Mental Rehabilitation Unit....

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Newspaper reading activity.

02 Oct 4 new admissions and 3 discharges in September

Maria Josefa Recio Mental Health Unit welcomed 4 new patients and discharged 3 during September, as well as several women gone for trial parole, a temporary test  in which patients leave the Unit from some days to live in their communities. From the total number of 87 women seen in the Unit since its opening, 14 have been re-admitted back into the unit with 6 currently on admission. At the moment, 21 women receive treatment. Forty-five clients report for follow-up every month and have no episode of relapse. Nonetheless, eight women who have defaulted are still being tracked by social workers albeit any positive results reported. First Friday of every month is scheduled to meet relatives of our patients, most importantly newly admitted ones. Discussions are relatively focused on how relatives can cope with their relative´s condition and ways of managing them when the needs arrive. Myths of mental illness are discussed and guidance is provided to the families....

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From left to right, Sisters Hospitallers´ superior in Monrovia Sr Florence Adevor, Sr Barbara Brilliant and Sr Encarnacion Gonzalez.

09 Sep SBMHC will provide internships to students from Mother Patern College

Saint Benedict Menni Health Center and Mother Patern College of Health Sciences have signed a memorandum of understanding which will provide internships in our center to students of Nursing and Social Work. Not only is the mission of Sisters Hospitallers to attend and rehabilitate people with mental illness, but also to collaborate with all those institutions that work for the same objectives and especially with those dedicated to the training of health professionals. Mother Patern is one of the colleges of the Stella Maris Polytechnic in Liberia. The Dean of Stella Maris Polytechnic, Sr Barbara Brilliant, is very close to our institution and has advocated for the people with mental illness in Liberia. She has been a great defender of our project from the beginning. Now, after almost 2 years, we signed this collaborative agreement so that it was already in operation and that allows nursing and social work students to rotate through our Unit. Almost all workers in the Mental Health Unit have been trained at Mother Patern College of Health Sciences, a sample of the level of collaboration between the two institutions....

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Dr. Benjamin L. Harris, president of the LCPS, and Sr Florence Adevor, superior of Sisters Hospitallers in Monrovia.

05 Sep The SBMHC will host a psychiatry residency program of the Liberia College of Physicians and Surgeons

The Saint Benedict Menni Health Center and the Liberia College of Physicians and Surgeons (LCPS) have signed a memorandum of understanding for launching a psychiatry residency program in our healthcare facility. The program will start in September and will last three years. It will use the Step Down Unit at the SBMHC to foster training of A.M. Dogliotti College of Medicine  –University of Liberia– students and post-graduates residents who have an interest in pshichiatry. Furthermore, this collaborative agreement will promote institutional exchanges by inviting staff and trainees to participate in a variety of teaching and research activities and professional development, carry out joint research  and continuing education programs and exchange information pertaining to developments in teaching, student development and research at each institution. With this agreement, the Step Down Unit consolidates its role as a reference unit within mental health facilities in Liberia. This project is also supported by National Catholic Health Council, an organization which the SBMHC belongs to....

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03 Sep The Carter Center donates equipments for our rehabilitation activities

Representatives of The Carter Center in Liberia recently came to the Saint Benedict Menni Mental Health Center to bring equipments and materials for our therapeutic activities. The list of deliveries include three sewing machines, fabrics to ellaborate clothes, needlework materials, office supplies and a printer. The delegation from The Carter Center was headed by James Dorbor Jallah –head of the foundation in Liberia– and Benedict Dossen –head of Health Programs– , narrowing the collaboration between the two institutions. The representatives of Carter Center visited our facility and were told about the services we provide in the rehabilitation of women with mental illness, being pleasantly impressed by its quality. They also showed concern about the needs of the center and promised to continue their help and advocate our mission, tightening the bond that links both institutions. The patients wanted to thank The Carter Center representatives for their contribution, and offered a short performance where they sang a version of "Wish you were here". From Sisters Hospitallers we want to express our gratitude to this new donation of The Carter Center in Liberia and especially to the people who lead this organization, and how close we feel to them....

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Mikel Tellaeche (right) and Ato Kwamena (left), with representatives of The Carter Center.

02 Sep 4 admissions and 4 discharges in august

August brought 4 admissions to the Step-Down Unit of the Saint Benedict Menni Health Center, and we happily saw 4 patients being discharged. One client was re-admitted after she relapsed. This month had a total number of 20 women currently receiving treatment, and a whooping number of 47 clients for follow-up, and so far 85 women have received treatment in our facility. We also introduced 5 patients to undertake the Trial Parole system which yielded positive results. Social workers visited 6 clients and traced the home of one during this period. We have an average length of stay of 88 days. Mikel Tellaeche, our Health Programs manager and manager director of the Aita Menni Hospital in Arrasate-Mondragon (Spain), paid a visit to the Unit during this period. He came with Cecilia Alvarez (psychiatric nurse), who used to work during the commencement of this program. They provided the Unit with medications and identification cards for staff. Moreover several meetings were held with staff of the Benedict Menni health center and Step down unit....

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