Training Center for local professionals

Training of local professionals in specialised mental health care is a key element for progress and development, for the mutual transfer of knowledge and to enable the future sustainability of the project.

This aim can be broken down into four types of action:

  • Our center has a partnership that facilitatrs clinical trainings for local professionals including doctors in the Psychiatric Residency program, nurses, aid-nurse and social workers in the management of patients with mental, neurological and substance use disorders.
  • Collaboration agreements with universities and training centers and training for students of medicine, psychology and nursing: Liberia College of Physicians and Surgeons, M. Dogliotti Medical College (University of Liberia – Faculty of Medicine), Mother Patern School of Health Sciences (Stella Maris Polytechnic – University School of Nursing and Physiotherapy) and and Tubman National institute of Medical Arts that hots students enrolled in nursing-aid, laboratory technician and midwifery.
  • Training for health professionals in the health field by conducting training sessions.
  • Rotations of the best professionals abroad, in order for them to see how other healthcare environments are run. These experiences have a dual purpose; first to get to know different realities (cultural, human resources and technical) and, on the other hand, to generate the desire to help and work with those Western professionals who receive, accompany and work with them.

The fact that the project is supported by the experience and knowledge brought by the Aita Menni Hospital guarantees seriousness in its implementation. Aita Menni currently features specific units for the treatment of all types of patients, combining psychiatric and psychological aspects, pioneering the combination of work systems and the understanding of people and mental illness from a multidisciplinary perspective.