28 Aug A team from Aita Menni Hospital arrives to Monrovia to start preparing the assistance activity

On the occasion of the next start of the Step Down Unit program, sponsored by the Ministry of Health, the National Catholic Health Council and the Saint Benedict Menni Health Center, a team of Aita Menni Hospital composed by its CEO, Mikel Tellaeche, psichiatrist Marta Menéndez and nurse Cecilia Alvarez moved to Monrovia to start with the preparations prior to the beginning of the assistance activity.
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27 Aug The Aita Menni Hospital and the Saint Benedict Menni Health Center sign a brotherhood agreement

Aita Menni Hospital from Spain and the Saint Benedict Menni Health Center of Monrovia, Liberia, signed past August 15th an agreement with sets formal bonds of brotherhood between both centers and will be the cornerstone for the launching of the new Saint Benedict Menni Mental Health Center and the improving of services at the current Saint Benedict Menni Health Center.
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