Nuestras nuevas compaleras, junto al coordinador de la Unidad.
Our new workmates, with our Unit coordinator.

08 Jun We welcome four new staff members

This month saw recruitment of new members of staff joining the team. We officially received many applicants eligible for vacant positions at our centre: nurses, aid-nurses and social workers. Following this an interview session was conducted, led by Sr Wilhelmina Kade Browne, Director of the National Catholic Health Secretariat (NCHC) who chaired the panel in drilling these candidates.
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Sesión de psicoeducación con pacientes

08 Jun Three new admissions an two discharges in may

The María Josefa Recio Mental Health Unit welcomed in May three new patients who had never before passed through our center, and happily said goodbye to two of its residents, who show a significant improvement in their condition and in their ability to develop their life in the community. Three other patients have begun to enjoy provisional discharges known as "trial parole", in which they enjoy time at home while awaiting their definitive discharge.
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Sr Florence and Sr Colette
Sr Florence and Sr Colette.

31 May Celebrating the 140th anniversary of the foundation of Sisters Hospitallers

On May 31st, 1881, the Congregation of the Sisters Hospitallers of The Sacred Heart of Jesus was established by Fr Benito Menni. This foundation was mainly aimed at caring for the mentally-ill, however, over a century of providing hospitality which has seen an expansion into other aspects of healthcare: medical, surgical, obstetric, geriatric and other specialties.
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Cumpleaños en la Unidad de Salud Mental María Josefa Recio de Monrovia

02 Apr Two re-admissions in March

The month of March brought the readmission of two patients who had already stayed at our mental health unit, but no new admissions. Nevertheless, we have implemented outpatient care, 56 former patients have passed their monthly follow-up visit and 8 patients have been visited by...

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Lilaton 2021

29 Mar The Lilathon raises €5,640 for We Are Like You

Nearly six thousand women —5,640— registered to run between March 5 and 8 the Lilathon race , which annually promotes equality and empowerment of women; and the same amount in euros has been contributed by the organization to our We Are Like You initiative, which seeks the rehabilitation and empowerment of women with mental illness in Liberia (Africa).
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