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23 Oct 2023 Congratulations, Mary´s Meals!

Mary’s Meals, an international NGO that fights child hunger in 18 underprivileged countries, including Liberia, has been awarded the 2023 Princess of Asturias Award for Concord.

Mary’s Meals provides meals to nearly 2.5 million children every day, and it does so in schools, which has a double effect: it attracts hungry children to school and gives them the energy they need to concentrate and participate in class, so they can receive education and have better opportunities for the future.

The Princess of Asturias Award jury highlighted the NGO’s efforts to solve child hunger and the effectiveness of its innovative working model, which allows for the optimal use of resources.

In Liberia, a country where 16% of the families have difficulties to ensure the necessary food, Mary’s Meals has been present since 2006. There, more than 150,000 children benefit from the NGO’s programs in 669 schools throughout the country, especially in rural areas.

Our warmest congratulations to the organization for the award.


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