Former patient

15 Jan “Life has made me more confident of myself since I have been treated here”

B.Y. is a 50-year-old woman. She was one of our first admitted patients. On her last monthly follow up, she arrived on time, well groomed and dressed, with her continuous smile and her hair tied. She is one of the many Liberians who still suffer the consequences of the war and the Ebola outbreak, and she is also affected by Schizophrenia.
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15 Jan “I would tell other women to keep courage and take their medication, to ignore those who are stigmatising them.”

M. K. is a 25-year-old woman. She lives in the chaotic centre of Monrovia, with her mother and her 8-year-old son. She had been living on the streets since she left her family house, at the age of 13, where she got involved with prostitution to survive. Living in the ghetto and the slums made her vulnerable to drugs and STD.
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