Nuestra terapeuta ocupacional, elaborando galletas junto a dos pacientes
Our occupational therapist, making cookies along with two residents

04 Sep 2023 August brings 5 new patients

The month of August has brought us a slightly higher number of new patients than usual. Five women have been admitted to our Mental Health Unit to begin treatment, to which we have added two women who had already been with us and who have been admitted again after suffering relapses in their condition.

On the discharge side, another five women have finished their stay in the center and have rejoined the community to continue their lives under the follow-up of our team, and five patients have also enjoyed partial discharges in which they have been able to leave our Unit for several days.

Eighteen patients have been visited at home by our team for follow-up, and another 39 have come to our center for theirs.

This month we also had to mourn the death at home of one of our former patients.

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