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Aitor Armaolea receives the equipment from Aritz Arobiourrutia, from Ondoan (right).

14 Feb 2024 Ondoan, Hikvision and Hommax donate video surveillance system

The companies Ondoan, Hikvision and Hommax have donated a video surveillance system worth EUR 4,000 to the Mental Health Unit of the Saint Benedict Menni Health Center in Monrovia.

Ondoan —through MCC Telecom— already contributed to the start of the project in 2017 with similar equipment.

In 2023, Ondoan and Hikvision have participated in the development of an innovation project at the Aita Menni Hospital that enables preventive action through an artificial intelligence system that automatically issues warnings when the monitoring cameras detect changes in patterns in images, for cases such as falls, presence and absence of people, and others.

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