11 Jul A new video showing our project We Are Like You

We have recently produced a new video about our We Are Like You project, in which patients and professionals from our center participate.

In many parts of Africa, mental illness is still linked to curses, possession by evil spirits or witchcraft practices. Sufferers are often abandoned by their families and expelled from their communities. If, in addition, the sufferer is a woman, the stigma is even greater.

Through the We Are Like You program, Sisters Hospitallers seeks to improve their health and restore dignity to these women, who are excluded from society because of their illness. At Sisters Hospitallers┬┤ health center in the Monrovia suburb of Paynesville, women are provided with rehabilitative and pharmacological treatment, job training and, when they are ready for discharge, help to start small businesses to prevent their relapse and promote their return to the community.

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