06 Aug Marta, We Are Like You psychiatrist: “Thanks to a human and empathic treatment, these women can be rehabilitated and have the life they deserve”

Marta Menéndez, We Are Like You project psychiatrist at the St. Benedict Menni Mental Health Center in Monrovia, Liberia, is featured in an interview in the August issue of Sisters Hospitallers´newsletter.

In the interview, Marta, 29 years old and born in Gijón (Spain), tells us how she had notice on the We Are Like You project and how she joined as a psychiatrist after her residency at Donostia Hospital, because she wanted to do something out of the beaten path most of the doctors are forced to follow, and because she liked the aim of the project –care of mental ill women in a country which lacks of resources–. Furthermore, she explains how is it living in Liberia and how We Are Like You is achieving its goals.

Read the full interview.

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