Nuevo personal en el Centro de Salud Mental San Benito Menni de Monrovia, Liberia
Nurse Ato Kwamena, Dr. Benjamin Harris, Timothy Dalieh, Unit coordinator, and Samantha Korkoyah, social worker.

09 May Changes in the care team lead: prestigious Dr. Benjamin Harris joins WALY

Since last January, a 100%-african takes care of the patients at the Saint Benedict Menni Mental Health Center as psychatrist Marta Menendez and nurse Cecilia Alvarez went back to Spain after a year working at the Sisters Hospitallers´ facility in Monrovia. The leader of the care...

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Social worker Samantha Korkoyah, Benedict Mossen from The Carter Center, Sor Florence Adevor, Superior of Sisters Hospitallers in Monrovia, and Timothy Dalieh, Unit coordinator.

09 May The Carter Center visits the Saint Benedict Menni Mental Health Center

The Saint Benedict Menni Mental Health Center welcomed recently Benedict Dossen, Mental Health Program Lead at The Carter Center, to see up close our Maria Josefa Recio Unit and the Sisters Hospitallers´ Health Center. During the visit, Mr. Dossen and our Director of Health Programs, Mikel...

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15 Jan “I would tell other women to keep courage and take their medication, to ignore those who are stigmatising them.”

M. K. is a 25-year-old woman. She lives in the chaotic centre of Monrovia, with her mother and her 8-year-old son. She had been living on the streets since she left her family house, at the age of 13, where she got involved with prostitution to survive. Living in the ghetto and the slums made her vulnerable to drugs and STD.
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