De izquierda a derecha, Óscar Ortiz de Lejarazu, Ethan Qu, Hu Yangzhong, Mikel Tellaeche, Jason Yang y David Gómez.
From left to right, Óscar Ortiz de Lejarazu, Ethan Qu, Hu Yangzhong, Mikel Tellaeche, Jason Yang and David Gómez.

05 Mar 2024 Aita Menni Hospital receives the visit of Hikvision’s top international managers

The Aita Menni Hospital welcomed yesterday several of the top international managers of Hikvision, provider of the video security system that, since 2022, has been operating in the Legal Psychiatry Unit and the Unit of Intellectual Disability with Behavioral Disabilities, and that allows to prevent risk situations and act quickly when they occur.

Hikvision is one of the world’s leading companies in the field of imaging applied to security in various industries, including healthcare. Hu Yangzhong, its president, headed the company’s representation that visited the Aita Menni Hospital yesterday, which also included Jason Yang and Ethan Qu, presidents for Europe and the Iberian Peninsula, and David Gómez, Sales Director of Hikvision Spain.

Accompanied by the managing director of Hermanas Hospitalarias Aita Menni, Mikel Tellaeche, and the head of Information Technology, Óscar Ortiz de Lejarazu, they toured the facilities of the Gesalibar care center and checked in situ the use of the company’s products in the Legal Psychiatry and Intellectual Disability with Behavioral Disorder Units.

A video-analytics system prevents risk situations and allows rapid action to be taken when they occur. The system consists of video surveillance cameras that detect defined patterns of movement or lack thereof, and these patterns trigger specific actions, such as alarms to personnel communication systems. Typical surveillance systems require constant monitoring and attention to the images on the screens, and rely exclusively on human judgment in the face of a potentially hazardous situation. The system implemented at Aita Menni Hospital, however, identifies specific movements or patterns in the images —falls to the floor, fights, access to the bathroom without returning, position in bed…— and activates warnings, thus reducing human error and providing an immediate reaction.

The implementation of this security system, by the engineering services company Ondoan, is part of the work of the collaborative initiative Osasunberri, and has been made possible thanks to the economic aid Hazitek of the Department of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment of the Basque Government.

Precisely this innovation project developed at the Aita Menni Hospital was one of the success stories that were presented on June 21 and 22, 2023 at Hikvision Village, a meeting organized by the company in Madrid and which is the largest national event related to security technologies.

The presence of Hikvision products is not limited to the Aita Menni Hospital, as Ondoan and the company Hommax, Hikvision distributor, donated on February 14 a video surveillance equipment valued at EUR 4,000 for the Mental Health Unit of the Benito Menni Health Center in Monrovia (Liberia), where the initiative We Are Like You, promoted by the Gipuzkoa center, is being developed.

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