Nuevo huerto en el Saint Benedict Menni Mental Health Center
Macarena (righ, in pink) with other volunteers, getting the veggie patch ready for the therapeutic horticulture activities.

01 Sep Meet Maca, psychologist and volunteer

“It is difficult when they don’t accept psychological help”   Macarena Aspiunza is a psychologist who works at Aita Menni Hospital in Spain and collaborates with We Are Like You as a volunteer. For the last four years, she has travelled regularly to Liberia to assist with...

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Sor Florence Adevor con Hermanas de la Provincia de Inglaterra y Mikel Tellaeche

09 Mar Our Superior attends a conference at the Provincial House in Madrid

Superior of Sisters Hospitallers in Liberia, Sr Florence Adevor, attended in February a conference of the Congregation in the Provincial House in Madrid, Spain. This was held from 18th to the 20th, where they departed. This conference was scheduled for 35 Superiors of the houses in Spain and England. They were taking through many topics on new technics for government of the Communities under the Hospitality charisma.
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Dos pacientes de la Unidad, lavando su ropa.
Daily activities: laundering.

09 Mar Four new patients and two readmissions in February

Four patients referred from E. S. Grant Mental Hospital were admitted in the Mental Health Unit at St Benedict Menni Health Center past February. There was one discharge, two patients had some days off at home as a previous stage before their coming discharge and two former patients were re-admitted. We currently have eighteen patients on hand.
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Saint Benedict Menni Mental Health Center Liberia
Marta (second from right), with Sisters at the Community House.

01 Mar Meet Marta, our first psychiatrist

Marta Menéndez is a Spanish psychiatrist who spent one year working at St Benedict Menni Mental Health Center. One year after going back to Spain, she returned to visit the centre. She also participated in a talk about mental health at the community college. Question.– Can you tell us what you have done since working in the Step-Down unit?
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Las neurólogas estadounidenses, junto al Dr. Harris y personal del SBMMHC
Neurologists from the USA, with Dr. Harris and other members of the staff.

04 Feb Neurologists from the EEUU review our patients

We welcomed in January two medical practitioners (neurologists) from Boston Medical School in the United States. These young doctors came to review patients who are suffering neurological conditions. They were assessed and rendered the necessary services. We welcomed visitors from the men’s organization of the St....

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